There was nothing Martyn liked better than an interesting conversation with a good (or new) friends and customers. Martyn could have an engaging conversation with anyone, Martyn was always there to brighten the lives of others.
- Rebecca -

Martyn was unique, one of a kind! A colleague that over time became my dear, dear friend. Mischievious, loud and loveable. You will leave a huge hole in our JP Web family. "Your Dads back" "Doing a Britney" "Better to be fat than ugly" "How many vs are in bovered?" All these memories (and these are just a few) i will cherish forever. So one last time!
"Love you Bye!" "Bye Felicia" Sleep tight xx
- Karen -

Martyn was a passionate man whose fiery temper was matched only by his fiery wit and humor. There's very few people who were as a fun as him to be around and for the few short years I had the pleasure of working with him he never failed to make me laugh. It was a pleasure knowing you Marytn, the office is going to be a lot quieter without you big man.
- Ben -

Martyn was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. There was never a dull moment when he was at work with us. He filled the office with his laughter, jokes, most random ever questions to be asked by someone .... Ohhh now and again the arguments 😂. I honestly don’t know what I’m going miss the most about you.
Love ya lots Martyn ❤️
- Laura -

You were a special person with a great personality. The whole office is thinking of you Martyn. As a loving friend, you live further in our hearts as a fountain of friendship. It reminds me a lot of lovely, happy & funny moments during this time. Will miss you a lot dear friend! Rest in peace brother.
- Achila -

I will always remember Martyn for his amazing personality. He had a drive for success and an amazing sense of humour. There was never a dull moment while on the phone with Martyn as he always managed to brighten the mood with his banter. Rest in peace dear friend. You will be greatly missed.
- Saj -

Martyn was one special person who always managed to brighten up everyones day with his banter. There wasn't a dull moment with Martyn around. He was such a skilful passionate individual and I am sure we would not see someone multi skilled as Martyn at JP Web. Words could not express how heart broken and shocked we are. Hope to see you again on the other side my friend! Will miss you a lot!
- Jav -

Martyn, You were a huge part of my life both in and outside of the office. I have considered you my best friend for so many years. You were always there for me through thick and thin. I cannot count the amount of great times we have shared and you will be remembered so fondly. Your infectious energy, your determination to succeed, your unquestionable loyalty and willingness to help others. You really are one of the greatest people I have ever met and I will always remember and miss you. Love you brother.
- Sam -

With out fail Martyn would always brighten up the day weather it was Monday morning or just a bad day in the office. He was such a character who had the most contagious laugh and the funniest of jokes. He wasn’t just there to brighten up your day he was always there if and when you needed anything . He was caring and he would go the extra mile for anybody. With his fiery temper and his big hart I will always be honoured to of known him. I will forever cherish all the memories we have. Love you always Martyn . Rest easy ❤️
- Kasha -