1. ’You’ or ‘Client’, is a person, business or organization using any of the services provided by JP web solutions limited.
  2. ’WE, us, our’ means ‘JP web solutions limited, registered in England, under registered no. 07771972.



  1. The contract between JP web solutions and the client will be on these conditions, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. Any variations to these conditions shall have no effect unless agreed in writing.
  2. The works to be carried out shall be as set out in the JP web solutions limited invoice which can be found attached to the confirmation order email.
  3. Email is our primary method of contact with regard to all communication for our website design and development. Telephone support will be available during UK Office hours.
  4. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us any change in email address so we always have valid contact details.
  5. If a client does not make any contact for more than 2 weeks, we will make up to 5 attempts to contact the client by email followed by the telephone calls as provided by the client. If we do not receive a response to these attempts of contact the project may be terminated, and the deposit may not be refunded.



  1. JP web solutions expect the client to carry out sufficient research before proceeding with a website. This will include that the website/idea/business will operate legally. It is important that the website is not in any way illegal.JP web solutions developer reserve the right to remove any website from its serves if it’s operating illegally.
  2. Where images used on the website have been purchased by JP web solutions limited on behalf of the client. These images are strictly for use on the website only.JP web solutions limited is not liable for misuse of these images by the client or any other person’s copying, altering or distributing the images to individuals or other organisations.
  3. The client retains the copyright to data, files and graphic logos provided by the client, and grants JP web solutions the rights to publish and use such material. The client must obtain permission and rights to use any information or files that are copyrighted by a third party. The client is further responsible for granting JP web solutions permission and rights for use of the same and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless JP web solutions from any and all claims resulting from the client’s negligence or inability to obtain proper copyright permissions.
  4. JP Web Solutions shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with or arising out of the Client’s domain name, web hosting, SEO rankings, website and/or any 3rd party services installed on the Client’s website. 
  5. The terms and conditions of this website are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Jurisdiction for any claims arising in respect of this website’s content shall lie exclusively with the courts of England. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid by any Court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.



  1. Charges for services to be provided by JP web solutions are defined in the project quotation that the Client receives via e-mail. Quotations are valid for a month from date of issue.
  2. Additional work requested by the Client that is not specified in the agreed quotation is subject to an additional quotation by the Developer on receipt of specification. If the work is needed as part of an existing project, then this may affect time scale and overall delivery time of the project.
  3. Before we start work, a 33% deposit of the total sum due is payable (the deposit). The final amount is payable when the website is complete and ready to ‘go-live’ (final payment) your website will only be switched to ‘live’ mode when it has been paid for, in full.
  4. Charges must be paid by debit or credit card, direct debit, bank transfer or by cheque  (using such payment details as are notified by the Developer to the Customer from time to time)].
  5. When taking payments, JP web solutions Limited does not save any bank or debit/credit card details.  Every time JP web solutions Limited requests payment, it will require these details again to process payment.
  6. JP web solutions limited own all design and code of the website until final payment has been received in full.



  1. JP web solutions limited is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you.  We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in the UK. The purpose of this statement is to explain to the client what personal information we collect and how we may use it. 
  2. When you order, we need to know your name, address, email address, email, phone number, business name, and payment details.  This allows us to process and fulfil your order. You have the option to withhold personal information that is not required for the order process. 
  3. We use your personal information for payment and billing purposes, and to keep you informed with new developments. 
    We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
  4. We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party for commercial reasons, beyond the essential requirement for credit/debit card validation during purchase.
  5. We will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission. However, we may need to provide your name and delivery address to third parties that JP web solutions limited may use for the purposes of delivering specific Services to you (e.g. customer support).
  6. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with the UK data protection legislation.
  7. As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers we record all telephone calls answered in our main office. This helps us to identify ways that we can provide you with a better service.


Please note that not all calls are answered through our main office so these calls may not be recorded.

We record calls:

  • for staff training purposes, helping us to improve the quality of our customer service and to ensure the information we provide is consistent and accurate
  • for reporting on the types and numbers of enquiries we receive
  • so we can find ways to simplify our service to you, and
  • To ensure JP web solutions limited have an accurate record of your call, which may be needed to support any transactions that take place over the phone and/or if there is a dispute.

JP web solutions limited retains the right to use client names, completed projects and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, future publications as examples, educational purposes, marketing materials, and as part of the JP web solutions limited portfolio. Where applicable the client will be given any necessary credit for usage of the project elements

JP web solutions limited retains the right to list clients, client works, projects and none personal data as part of our ongoing marketing and promotion. Where applicable the client will be given any necessary credit for usage of the project elements.




  1. Website Design - Clients are obligated to fill out the design requirement form, which provides us the details on creating a new design for your website. If the design form is not filled by the client within 5 working days of receipt, JP Web will continue to create a design without the client input to avoid further delays to the project. In this instance JP Web will not be liable for conflict of design elements due to not providing adequate design information to us or any delays caused. We will carry out up to 1 major design change (complete overhaul of the initial design) and up to 3 minor design changes of the original design. Design changes beyond this point are subject to additional charges. Once the project moves into the website development stage, the client signs off and agrees on the final version of the website design. Design changes cannot be made after the website development process has begun. Client will be notified via phone or email once the website design has been signed off and moved on to the development stage.
  2. Website Development - Clients can provide up to 5 iterations of changes for the development link of the website. Once a website is set live, the project is deemed complete, and the client accepts the website. All payments must be made in full before the website is set live. JP Web holds the right to refuse to set a site live if the payment is not made in full.
  3. JP web solutions limited will provide the client with an expected completion time frame for the project (live on the internet) if requested.


The Developer reserves the right to refuse to handle:

  1. Any media that is unlawful or inappropriate.
  2. Any media that contains a virus or hostile program.
  3. Any media that constitutes harassment, racism, violence, obscenity, harmful intent or spamming.
  4. Any media that constitutes a criminal offence, or infringes privacy or copyright.



  1. The registration of the domain name(s) are held with ENOM and/or NOMINET. The client should be aware of their own terms and conditions, and be able to agree with them. The Client agrees to take all legal responsibility for use of third party domain name and hosting services and supply truthful details to the third party services.
  2. The Client agrees that registration of a domain name does not provide endorsement of the right to use the name. The Client is responsible for ensuring they have due title to the domain name. The Developer holds no liability and the Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Developer from any claim resulting from the Client’s registration of a domain name.
  3. Key Terms : The Client is liable to pay us, fees for any domain name registrations and the initial set-up of the hosting unless included as part of the website build. Standard domain name registration fee for 1 year is £25+ VAT. Thereafter domains can be renewed annually for £25 + VAT per standard domain name. The client will be informed by email 28 days prior to the domain expiry and 3 times there after by email. Domain names can be renewed by calling in the main office number as displayed on our website. All domain names should be paid for and renewed 3 days prior to expiry to allow time for us to renew the domain name before it expires. We will not be liable if a domain name is expired due to delays in payment processing such as bank transfers. Client has to inform us by email if they wish not to renew a domain name. If a domain renewal fee is unpaid before its due date, the domain will be left to expire and can be purchased by the public once released back to the market. Certain domain names may go into redemption status, straight after expiring and the client will be liable to pay a premium fee as set out by the respective registrar, should they wish to buy back the domain. Once a domain is expired all services attached to the domain name including web hosting and emails will be inaccessible. The Client is subject to a £50 +VAT domain release fee should the client require to transfer any domain out from JP WEB. Any registration fees payable are non-refundable, including any administration or handling costs incurred by us in connection with registrations, transfers or renewals.
  4. The Client agrees that information submitted for registration of domain names is then available to the general public via a who is search
  5. Any support relating to the domain name, hosting and email services is between the Client and the third party service.
  6. The Client agrees that if at any time their contact details, including email address, change, it is their responsibility to contact the third party and update their contact details. Failure to do so may mean that renewal invoices for the domain name and hosting services are not received by the Client. 
  7. Cancelling the previous contract is the client’s responsibility as JP web solutions do not get involved in any other previous contract. The client has to make sure that the previous contract has been cancelled before they sign up with JP web solutions limited. There will be no refund for such situation where the client is on contract with another company and sign up with JP web solutions.

Why is it important to renew your domain name?

Renewing your domain name is important, because if you do not renew your .uk every year, then the domain name will become available for anyone else to register. If this happens, then you run the risk of:

  1. Your customers may not know how to find you or your business, and this could negatively impact on your earnings;
  2. You will need to change your email addresses and customers who may not always read everything you send them, may still be sending emails to your old domain address;
  3. Any orders or business that customers may wish to do with you will not be sent to you if the domain has expired;
  4. Any online banking services or online payment processing that used the domain email address will need to be changed.

If you don’t renew your domain name, anyone else can register it.

If you don’t renew your domain name, then someone else can register it for themselves. The statistics show that 15% of non-renewed domain names are re-registered by someone else within one day. 7.5% of domain names are re-registered within 10 seconds of the domain name becoming available. The reason this can happen is that there are some companies that literally watch for domain names being "dropped" and use automated services to do this. When a domain name drops, they can buy it quicker than you can turn on your computer!

People recognize and trust .uk domains

Finding a good or great domain name can take some time. Once the client has got it, for the sake of a few pounds or dollars it would be a shame to let it go. A recent survey showed that nearly 72% of British internet users (potential customers) will choose a .uk address before a .com. If the client is trading in the UK and have a domain name that is due to lapse, then think carefully before letting it go.

Would you like any help buying your domain name?

To find out more about our web hosting, web design services please visit our website. To contact us about your requirements go to contact options.



  1. JP web solutions limited will host the website if the client requires us to do so and on receipt of full payment of our hosting fees. In doing so, JP web solutions limited will provide a reliable and professional service to the client at all times, excluding unavoidable technical failures.
  2. JP web solutions limited hosting is annually renewable. The date of renewal will be 12 calendar months from the date the website was made live. JP web solutions will contact the client a month before the renewal date and hosting services are not obligated.
  3. The hosting renewal charge must be received within 7 days of the hosting expiry date. We reserve the right to deactivate any website when the hosting has expired and the client has not paid the renewal charge. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £50 for reactivating the website/hosting.
  4. If the client does not wish to renew the hosting the web site, please let us know and we will deactivate your account.





The Customer warrants to the Developer that it has the legal right and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under the Agreement.

The Developer warrants to the Customer:-

(a)      That it has the legal right and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under the Agreement;

(b)      That it will perform its obligations under the Agreement with reasonable care and skill; 


(2)Third Party Services:-


JP web solutions  may require the usage of third party services - for example, credit card processing - to complete the Client's project requirements and will ensure these services are integrated into the project and working correctly upon completion. JP web solutions cannot be held responsible for subsequent changes or issues with these third party services that may result in issues on the Client's website and may require a one-off Web Development charge before resolving any problems that may arise.


(c)      That the use of the Website (excluding the Customer Works) by the Client in accordance with the terms of the Agreement will not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party; and

(d)      That the Website will continue to operate without any Defects for a period of 3 months from the date of acceptance of the Website (and if the Website does not so operate, the Developer will, for no additional charge, carry out any work necessary in order to ensure that the Website operates without any Defects during this period).

The client acknowledges that the Developer has designed the Website to work with the web browser technology specified in the Proposal, and the Developer does not warrant that the Website will work with any other web browser technology.

The Client further acknowledges that the Developer does not purport to provide any legal advice under the Agreement or in relation to the Website and the Developer does not warrant that the Website will not give rise to any civil or criminal legal liability on the part of the client or any other person.


(3)Status and Duration of Offers:-

Proposals and offers are valid for a period of one month from the date issued. JP web solutions are not bound to honour offers that have expired. Offers are not legally binding until an acceptable timetable for the work has been agreed by both parties. If an acceptable timetable has not been approved by both parties within one month of the offer being made, the offer is deemed to have expired.



(1)The Client agrees to use all Developer services and facilities at their own risk and agrees to defend, indemnify, save and hold the Developer harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, costs, losses and claims, including but not limited to legal fees against the Developer or its associates that may arise directly or indirectly from any service provided or agreed to be provided or any product or service sold by the Client or its third parties.

(2)The Client agrees that this indemnification extends to all aspects of the project, including but not limited to website content and choice of domain name.

(3)The Client also agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend, the Developer against any liabilities arising out of injury to property or person caused by any any product or service sold by the Client or any service provided or agreed to be provided or by third parties, including but not limited to infringement of proprietary rights, misinformation, infringement of copyright, delivery of defective services or products that are harmful to any company, person, business, or organisation.



A cookie is a text file downloaded to your computer when you access websites. They contain information which includes: a site name and unique user ID, the duration and a random number. Cookies cannot be used to reveal your identity or personal information. When visiting a website that uses cookies, a cookie is downloaded onto your computer. The next time you visit the same website, your computer checks to see if it has a cookie that is relevant and sends the information contained in the cookie back to the website.

The website then notes that you have been there before, and in some cases, alters what is shown on screen. They also might record how long you spend on each page on a site, what links you click, even your preferences for page layouts and colours. Generally cookies are of benefit, and improve the users browsing experience on the website.

We use cookies simply to improve your experience on our websites and for functionality purposes.

Important points to note:

  • None of these cookies store any personal information about the visitor.
  • Cookies are not capable of carrying viruses or installing any malicious programs on visitors’ computers




Termination of the Web Hosting and/or Web Development project by the Client must be requested via Email or writing and will be effective on receipt of such notice. Telephone requests for termination of services will not be honoured until and unless confirmed in writing. The Client is liable to pay the full amount of the invoice upon termination of the project. HTML copy of the site can be provided at an additional cost.


Children's Privacy Protection:-

JP web solutions limited is sensitive to the need to protect the privacy of children under the age of 18. The vast majority of the material on our web site is not intended for children and is not targeted to children or those under the age of 18. JP web solutions do not knowingly collect data from children and, if we learn that we have received personal data from a child, we will remove this information from our database.


International data transfers

Information that we collect may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which we operate in order to enable us to use the information in accordance with this privacy policy. Such information which is provided by you may be transferred or shared to other countries which do not have data protection laws in force similar to those of the UK.

In addition any personal information that you may submit for publication on this website (user generated content), will be published on the internet, and therefore may be available via the internet and web based browsers around the world. With this in mind, we therefore cannot prevent the use or misuse of such information by others. You thereby expressly agree that such transfers of personal information will be available in these cases.



Acceptable Use of this website

You are strictly forbidden from using this website in any way whatsoever that causes, or may cause, damage to the website, attempted disruption of the website, or attempt to render the website inoperative. Furthermore it is strictly forbidden that you attempt to use this website in any way which is unlawful, illegal, and fraudulent or may be harmful in its purpose or activity.

You must NOT use this website to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which is designed to cause damage to other users, and may consist of (or be linked to) any type of recognised or unrecognised spyware, computer viruses, any types of Trojan horse, computer worm, keystroke logger, root kit or any other type of malicious computer software.

You must NOT conduct any systematic or automated type of data collection activities (including without limitation; scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting). Also you must NOT use this website to attempt to transmit or send any unsolicited email or email communications in any form whatsoever. You must NOT use this website for any marketing or sales related marketing without JP web solutions’ prior consent and approval.


Formal complaints procedure:-

The formal complaints procedure should only be used where the complainant feels that the nature of the complaint is too serious to be dealt with informally, or where a satisfactory conclusion has not been reached after following the informal procedure.
A formal complaint should be made via email(due to the current pandemic) to and we will acknowledge receipt and ensure that the matter is looked into as soon as possible.

An initial response to any complaint can be expected within 5 working days of its receipt; a full and considered response to the complaint should be completed within 14 working days and any subsequent remedy implemented with the minimum of delay.

*JP Web Solutions Limited will not tolerate any form of harassment against its employees from customers or third parties, any illegal activity, invade another's privacy, cause annoyance or needless anxiety and we reserve the right to cancel a contract without refund in the event of unreasonable or inappropriate conduct. This includes threatening behaviour and abuse directed towards our employees thereafter any further communication must be via postal mail only.

Contact Information:-

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Please note that any discussions with JP web solutions limited are treated in strictest confidence.


Unit 41, Shelton Enterprise Centre

Bedford Street, Shelton


ST1 4PZ,

United Kingdom





Contact Email:

For abuse complaints such as phishing scams, spam emails etc. please email Our team addresses all reports of spam and abuse.


Email Responses:

Our average response time is less than 2 hours during our normal business hours. We do try to respond as quickly and efficiently to all email and support enquiries and you will usually have a response on the same business day. However under exceptional circumstances or outside of our normal hours of business it may take up to 72 hours to receive a response, although this is the exception rather than a rule.


Please note: by signing up for any of JP web solutions limited Services you agree to be bound by all JP web solutions limited terms and conditions.